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bilingual support available

209 Bedford Street
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Phone: 508.672.1222

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TTY: 508.996.1177
24-Hour Hotline: 508.999.6636
Our services include:
Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, & Child Trauma Programs
Legal & Medical Advocacy
Residential Services & Emergency Safe Home
Prevention, Education and Community Outreach
Ongoing support groups
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Save a life!
The World Health Organization identified violence as a public health problem ... the "most preventable and predictable" form of death.

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The Women's Center provides free and confidential 24-hour easily accessible services to those in need. We provide counseling, education, outreach, referrals and resources. We may be called the Women's center, but we serve men and children as well.

With over 40 years of experience, The Women's Center is the preeminent organization in the region offering comprehensive FREE and confidential services to ALL survivors and victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child trauma.

You can help to provide these services and education to your community with your donation to the Women's Center.

For information about the SafeDates program please contact Amy King at 508.996.3343 Ext. 25

Llamanos y Hablemos: 1-800-223-5001
Linea directa para sobrevivientes de abuso sexual

24-Hour Hotline: 508.999.6636


Make a Difference
  • Jennifer's Story ...
    "I utilize all the tools and knowledge that was given to me through the L.O.F.T. program. I am now devoted to helping other women with similar issues. The reward that comes along with it is priceless and I have the L.O.F.T. and others along this journey to be forever grateful for ..."

  • Muriel's Story ...
    "I couldn't have made it through without the support and courage they (Our Sisters Place) gave me and kept being my positive role models. They never gave up on me...Thank you for helping me through the worst time but wonderful journey ..."

  • Leanne's Story ...
    "I've learned it's not the program you're in it's what you make of the program and with all of the guidance and support from you, I've finally found who "Leanne" really is and you also let me know it's okay to cry and not be ashamed ..."

  • Brenda's Story ...
    "You helped me to find myself and turn my life around... You saved my life and made me feel alive again... ..."

  • Mary's Story ...
    "You all have inspired me to reach higher than I could before ..."